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  Tina M.H. Dziki

Thank you all for coming.

I would like to share some of my thought.

I shall try to do my best.

As one always should.

I am glad that you are gathered here

but I regret the occasion which brought as together.

Thank you very very much for your support.

It is important to us.

I would like to say that we are getting support from family friends and colleges,

school as well as police supply us with the service as good as can be expected.

It does bring us a little comfort. The time will have to do the rest to take the pain away.

The case is:

There is a missing person and the case is lost.

We are all unique and our paths are so different but here we are.

Most likely we are not ready yet for celebrating Tina's Life.

Now we understand better then ever the magnitude of impact she had on ours lifes.

I taught her that I recognise that fundamental quality of life is a freedom of choice.

This tragedy is not something I had in mind.

Let us respect decision which Tina took in a moment of weakness.

She terminated her presence on our paths as we know it without giving herself a second chance.

Tina paid ultimate price.

We will suffer the terrible loss for the rest of time and space given to us.

One day the pain will go away and we be together again as one.

We believe in our love for her.

Tina was bright, beautiful and sensitive , some clever man called her an progressive mind.

Our childish play ''I spy with my little eye'' really was ''I thin with my little brain something begging with... three words:

first: you can not see

second: you can not talk with

third: I do love forever.

I have learned so much from Tina. No wander how: I was a father for the first time.

Her journey was a journey on the stormy cloud.

But I have yet another teaching from Tina.

At first it is difficult to comprehend what is possibly good of this experience that we share.

I am very proud of Tina.

Most things she have done as well as she could

Tina did deprive us of her company and that message is very painful.

I hope you can take it with me and learn from it.

We are not there enough for each other

we do not care enough

we do not respect each other enough

We did try our best but the truth is We are not good enough for each other

It so hard to LIVE TO LOVE.

Now cry me the river which goes to the ocean.


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