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  Blog 1.2010
  Styczeń 2010

.. MLEKO POD NOSEM    3 Styczeń 2010

nie ma nic lepszego niż młode mamy !!!

twierdza wszystkie bobasy

.. noc    9 Styczeń 2010

nocna zmiana - moja ulubiona i najbardziej produktywna część doby: ciut przed i ciut po północy

.. ZooM H4n recorder    20 Styczeń 2010

  just opened the box and ... H4n is...

Compact, Versatile, Easy To Use
Very sensitive to wind
Best Uses:
Line in recordings
Describe Yourself:
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Xmass gift to myself and I like it a lot.
few cons so far:
1.on board mics are very sensitive so even with windshield you be surprised to hear hurricane as well as gentle breeze or even draft that you can not feel.
2.battery cover fitted with tiny movement possible and AUDIBLE, while recording - handle with care (sponge+glue was not included).
3. offered 2 sec prerecord time could be longer. 4. boot time: device takes 29 long seconds.
5. NOT SO NICE FILE MANAGEMENT: if you deleted one track out of folder (ie. track 4 out of 10tracks) next recorded file automatically will be named 'track4' not 'track11' . solution: try to use "DATE FILE NAME" option, but...
6.when left without power (ie. batteries exchange)sometimes it does need to reset the internal clock. it did happened twice, GOD knows why?

I wonder if it can charge batteries when plugged into mains or USB - that would be useful.
great idea that "stamina" power setting.

sorry, no more @ present,
need to dash do some field recordings

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